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Welcome to the pure nature of Khaoyai National park Thailand.
Trekking, sightseeing, birds, and wildlife of Khaoyai are magnificent
amazing and wonderful for a nature lover.

Khao Yai was and is Thailand’s first national park. Khao Yai’s flora and fauna are still rich and diverse with over 70 species of mammal, 300 species of birds and many more of nature’s other living forms.

These animals are waiting for you to come and explore.


wild elephants    

One of the most favorite sights in Khaoyai are wild elephants. We have the chance to see them in the park, sometimes on the road, sometimes in the jungle or by the reservoir….

27503574_2025438354338889_8460854463480549453_oPig-tailed macaques

or monkeys are common in Khaoyai where we can see them almost every day.


white-handed gibbons

are a type of ape in Khaoyai, which spend almost all their lives on the tree.

Khaoyai has a second species of ape called the pileated gibbons.




medicinal mushrooms can be found in Khaoyai jungle.



           〈 If you stay clean you never have fun….〉
Every season at Khaoyai is different and interesting on itself.

Let’s walk together get fresh and bring back energy and good memories home with you.